The Saturday market in Mechelen

If you are visiting Mechelen in the weekend, you can’t miss the Saturday morning market.

It’s the perfect place to find groceries, local specialties and…flowers! It’s nice to enjoy the local atmosphere and have a walk in this beautiful city.

My favourite activity is to walk along the Dyle river, especially on the floating part of the “Dyle path” (you can see it on the left side of the picture).

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The Selfie Device

“The Selfie Device”, a paste-up art piece by Antoine Caramalli.

📍I took this picture a few days ago at rue des Fabriques in Brussels. There are many pieces all over the city. Check out here other pieces by Radical Playground.

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A beautiful tower

The 104,7 meter high tower of the Saint-Catherine’s Church in Hoogstraten is beautiful, whichever way you look at it.

This remarkable Flamboyant Gothic building is one of the tallest churches in Belgium!

The central and right pictures were taken from inside the beguinage of Hoogstraten, which is one of the 13 Flemish beguinages listed by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.

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When you love the place where you live, you never get bored!

One of my favorite activities is to walk around Belgian cities and observe the facades…even if I’m not working!

A few days ago had a walk in the Sablon district, where you can find eclectic buildings with neoclassical and neo-renaissance influences. In the photo you can see a XIX century building, an example of the wonders you can find during a walk in the area. It has been recently renovated and is located at 35/37 of rue Allard and 22/26 of rue Watteeu.

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Napoléon Bonaparte

Today is the 200th anniversary of the death of Napoléon Bonaparte. He is depicted in this bronze statue, located in the garden of the Caillou farm (I found the photo in my archives. I took it in 2014). The site was his last headquarters before the Battle of Waterloo. It’s an interesting and unusual representation of this historical character: the statue shows him bareheaded, with a spyglass in one hand. He is in shock because he just realized that defeat is inevitable. The Caillou farm is today a museum which retraces the last night of Napoléon before the Battle. A special exhibition takes place from today at the Memorial of the Battle.

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Studying in the Genk Library

I love studying and working in public libraries. Last week I booked a place at the Genk library and I really enjoyed it.
In the picture you can see the beautiful atrium of the building, which is a creation of Vasconi Associés Architectes. I find that this design stimulates creativity and sharpens concentration.

The removal of the crucible

Since tomorrow is the first of May (International Workers’ Day), I want to show you ‘The removal of the broken crucible’.

This artwork of Constantin Meunier is displayed at the Fin de Siècle Museum, in Brussels.In this painting, the artist depicted a moment in the glassmaking industry: the workers are jointly removing the crucible (a container for melting metals).

Meunier is so talented that we can actually imagine the heat and the incredible physical effort that the removal requires.

He is one of my favorite Belgian artists. His beautiful artworks tell us about the social and economical history of Belgium: it’s a good way to learn history from art.  

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The Leopold Park

During tours, when I show the European District, I love to pass through the Leopold Park. It’s an occasion to talk about the development of the area and its history.Nowadays it’s a calm oasis in the middle of many contemporary buildings. Furthermore this site had a very interesting past.

It’s curious to know that this area has hosted  a zoological garden in the 19th century. Brussels is full of suprises!!Zone contenant les pièces jointes

Una & Joures

Una & Joures are two giant wooden trolls laying on the grass while admiring the sky.If you feel like it, you can look for their troll friends in the Trollenbos in the De Schorre Provinciaal Recreatiedomein, in Boom (province of Antwerp).

Una and Joures are probably the easiest ones to spot during a walk and, as you can see, kids adore climbing on them. I personally love the sensation of lightheartedness they inspire.

Villa Maritza

Along the Ostend beach, in between the contemporary buildings, you can find the 19th century Villa Maritza, originally called “Villa Rosenda”, located on the Albert I-Promenade 76.The facade of this eclectic mansion displays a remarkable example of neo-renaissance and baroque influence.It’s easy to spot it during a walk on the Ostend beach by virtue of the architectural contrast with the other buildings of the promenade.

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