A fierce panther

What is that green and fierce panther in front of the greenhouse?

It’s “Feline sniffing a track” a bronze statue created by Jean-Marie Gaspar, located in the Jardin Botanique in Brussels. This park is a real “urban jungle” of statues, reflecting the XIX Century scientific and artistic interest for zoology.☺ Postcard pic by Alice Boulet.

Lady with Rose

I’m so happy that « Blind Date” has been extended until April 5th. I can’t wait to visit the amazing exhibition at the Sijders&Rockocx house again.  Here you can see “Lady with Rose” by Jan Boeckhorst. The woman has been painted as the personification of smell, otherwise all that décolleté would have been considered inappropriate.

A monumental work by Nean

On the side of a building at the corner of Avenue de la Reine and Rue Arthur Cosny in Brussels, you can find a monumental work by Nean, a brilliant artist specialized in portraits. In this work he depicts two neighborhood inhabitants: a mother and her son. The artist was selected as part of a Red Cross campaign to raise awareness about stem cell donation.